WTF TWD?! Season 6 mid-season finale

I had such high hopes...

I had such high hopes…

The only thing shocking about the mid-season finale for Season 6 of The Walking Dead was just how flat and lifeless it was, exacerbated no doubt by the expectations we’ve had for powerful and impactful mid-season finales from the show. Let’s give a quick run-down of the mid-season finales, starting with Season 2 when we had a full season of episodes (SPOILERS BELOW):
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Life Lessons: TWD Ep 604 “Here’s Not Here”

The following are valuable life lessons gleaned from The Walking Dead episode 4 of season 6 entitled “Here’s Not Here.”

TWD Ep 604_morgan

                  Morgan has learned his lessons

  1. Making goat cheese from scratch is hard. Be thankful that those of us not living in the zombie apocalypse can run down to our local grocery and pick up a package of Feta.
  2. If you find yourself in a cell always check the door to see if you are actually locked in. You’ll feel really dumb staying in there for days only to be told “the door’s open.”
  3. If you’ve lost your mind, it helps to seek out a forensic psychologist.
  4. “Forensic psychologist” is actually a real job and not just something made up for the NCIS franchise.
  5. After playing a homicidal clown and an aikido master I’d say John Carroll Lynch has some good range as an actor.

What sort of lessons did you learn?

The Look: Fathers, Children, and Mad Men

My Ideal Woman...

So another great season of Mad Men is in the books.  This season has been an interesting ride, with some rather strange twists and turns, and some stuff that almost feels hallucinogenic – which, given the time frame (1968) is apropos.  I’m not going to go into details too deeply here, and the spoilers will be light… however, I’ll put the rest under the cut just in case you want to remain spoiler free.  But I think the questions raised in this season of Mad Men deserve some consideration and thought, so I’m doing that here.  And how is that relevant to the theme of My Ideal Woman?  Well, for starters, My Ideal Woman would watch great television like Mad Men and enjoy pondering the meaning, the issues raised, and engage in discussion about what they thought about the episodes.  Also, I think this season of Mad Men in…

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Game of Thrones: Blackwater, or Where’s the Beef?

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones was a blast.  Literally, a big shiny blast and a lot of fun.  And yet… afterwards I was left feeling unfulfilled.  Where’s the beef?  I’ve been pondering it for a few days now.  Maybe my expectations were set too high?  I don’t know– but the Battle of Blackwater Bay had been set up as the climax of the entire season.  [SPOILERS BELOW] Continue reading

Game of Thrones: What I was thinking after the Season 1 finale…

[I wrote this note on Facebook after the Season 1 finale of Game of Thrones, and in ramping up for the Season 2 premier episode coming soon, thought it would be cool to re-post this here! — Bennie]

I wanted to respond to the season finale of Game of Thrones in something a bit more than a status update, so doing a note seemed wiser.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

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TWD: Beside the Dying Fire

Wow!  What a finale, huh?  I imagine that all the zombie movie fans who get impatient with the show’s exposition and character development were overjoyed at how things went down in the Season 2 finale Beside the Dying Fire.  It was certainly a thrill and nearly non-stop action.

What really made me happy was that it didn’t stop mid-scene and leave us with an awful cliffhanger over our psyches for the seven months or so before we come back for Season 3.  No, this was the closing chapter of this season, wrapping things up nicely, setting our characters on the path for another story arc in the new season, and giving us some hints and things to think about for the future.  I really, really appreciated the way it was handled.


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